Talking Groundhog Publishing

This is the page for Jason Reynolds’ self-published books by Talking Groundhog Publishing, an imprint of Followers of the Cross. I am launching a sci-fi humor trilogy titled “The Hairy Crown Conspiracy.”

Book 1, “Hot Dogs Really Do Bark,” is available on Amazon here.

The cover for “Hot Dogs Really Do Bark,” a sci-fi humor novella written by Jason Reynolds. Cover art by Shawna Jones of Bell Buckle, Tenn.

“The Hairy Crown Conspiracy” is a comedy-thriller series that follows the adventures of a group of friends as they become entangled with alien assassins. The initial setting in “Hot Dogs Really Do Bark” is Earth in the late 21st or early 22nd century, in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The main protagonist, Bob, operates a hot dog cart. He is dating a sweet lady, Betty, who is a DJ at a Christian radio station. Betty would love to get married. Bob, however, is not sure he wants to commit long-term.

Although Bob is not the best boyfriend, he is a good friend to have in a pinch. He met his best friend Santiago after saving his sister’s life. Bob and Santiago are friends with a self-absorbed but charming mall jewelry salesman, Xander. Bob and Santiago are puzzled, however, when strange things begin to happen: a mime attacks Xander; a toy drone blows up in the mall; a Santa Claus doll comes to life. It becomes apparent someone has a secret, one that could turn deadly once alien assassins attack.

Bob’s life is spared only when the hot dogs he’s selling begin to bark (to reveal why would provide a spoiler). The race is on to escape the attackers and find help.

Book 2 is underway.

I hope you’ll consider buying “Hot Dogs Really Do Bark.”


— Jason Reynolds

All Rights Reserved by Jason Reynolds

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