Hannah Kerr sings to ‘Radiate’ God’s love

The debut album from Black River Christian singer/songwriter Hannah Kerr, Overflow, is available at retail and continues to be offered at digital music outlets.hannah-kerr-overflow-400x400

And, Kerr’s single “Radiate” has hit No. 25 with 35 stations reporting airplay, including WAY-FM Network, KLTY/Dallas and KFSH/Los Angeles. Produced by Mark Miller (Casting Crowns, Sawyer Brown), Overflow highlights Kerr’s songwriting on seven of the 11 songs on the project, including her current single “Radiate.” It is co-written with her brother, Josh, who has had two No. 1 country hits with the GRAMMY nominated Kelsea Ballerini, along with Jordan Reynolds

I interviewed Kerr recently.

“Radiate” is an idea she wrestled with a long time, what does it mean to radiate life, especially with God. “Talking to Jesus and … how cool is it to serve a God who can take a bad moment and use it to glorify. We feel God cannot redeem, but He can. Nothing is too big for God.”

“It’s been very cool to see ‘Radiate’ move up the charts,” she said.

Kerr has been singing since age 5. Her parents are worship leaders in their church and raised her in an “awesome Christian home.” She grew up around Christian music. The family moved to Nashville before her freshman year of high school. Her parents encouraged her to lead worship, which she started doing at age 14.

Kerr said she loves helping other people fall in love with the Lord.

“I felt like that was y calling,” she said. “I tried every sport and every activity and I never felt like I found my place.”

Three years after starting to lead worship, Mark Miller, producer of Casting Crowns approached her. He said God was calling him to work with her. “I looked at him like are you crazy?”

Singing before people is not natural to Kerr, however. She calls herself an introvert who had to learn to become more outgoing.

She started working with Miller and writing songs, then recording. “It’s been a cool journey.”

Kerr is a full-time student at Belmont University, majoring in Christian leadership with a worship emphasis in the College of Theology. She said she enjoys learning more about the Bible and about herself.

“It’s like I have two full-time jobs, which I don’t recommend to anyone.”

She has two years of college left.

Kerr describes her parents as her biggest supporters. She has two older brothers, to whom she is close, including Michael, her band leader and merchandise guy.

Kerr is toured with Casting Crowns last fall.

Overflow Track Listing
01. Warrior – (Tami Hinesh/Alyssa Bonagura)
02. Undivided – (Hannah Kerr/Jon Newell/Scott Krippayne/Ron Robinson)
03. Radiate* – (Hannah Kerr/Josh Kerr/Jordan Reynolds)
04. Never Leave Your Side – (Hannah Kerr/Meredith Andrews/Jacob Sooter)
05. Your Love Defends Me- (Hannah Kerr/Matt Maher)
06. Overflow – (Hannah Kerr/Lindsey Sweat/Jonathan Smith)
07. I Stand Here-  (Lindsey Sweat/Kipp Williams)
08. Lifeline – (Joel Houston/Melodie Wagner/Michael Fatkin/Renee Sieff)
09. Love I Leave – (Hannah Kerr/Josh Kerr/Tony Wood)
10. Mercy Won – (Lindsey Sweat/Justin Morgan)
11. Be Still and Know, Featuring Mark Hall – (Hannah Kerr/Jonathan Newell/Chad Cates)

*all songs produced by Mark A. Miller except for track 3, which was produced by Josh Kerr and Jordan Reynolds

— Jason M. Reynolds

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