Aaron Shust goes live with album

Aaron Shust has achieved another first.

The award-winning CMA artist has released his first live recording album, “Love Made a Way.”

(FOR A PODCAST INTERVIEW WITH AARON: http://www.spreaker.com/user/followersofthecross/aaron-shust-goes-live)

It is his eighth album overall. His label, Centricity Music, wanted the live recordings.aaron_shust_love_found_a_way

“That’s petrifying,” he said. “There’s something inviting and welcoming about going into the studio, and if you make mistakes, you just do it again. And so there’s something exciting about a live record.”

Shust’s awards include Songwriter of the Year at the GMA Dove Awards in 207 and Song of the Year for “My Savior My God.”

However, with his background as a worship leader, live performances are his favorite part of the music process.

“Writing and every part of the process has its own joy.”

When worship music is performed with people who join in, “Heaven is listening to the praise. That makes the performance extra special.”

Cameras were used to capture the making of the “Love Made a Way” CD. That in itself was daunting, Shust said, because he saw his facial expressions live. He also had just lost his voice the weekend before, but overcame that challenge.

“I was trying to remember the chords.”

The album was recorded in The Tracking Room, a Nashville icon located close to Music Row and where One Sonic Society filmed a black and white video. To differentiate the Shust recordings, his crew set up the stage on the opposite end of the room.

Some of the songs are new, while others are Shust classics.

The track list is:

1. Heartbeat (Live)

2. My Hope is in You (Live)

3. Belong (Live)

4. You Redeem (Live)

5. Ever Be (Live)

6. God of Brilliant Lights (Live)

7. Cornerstone (Live)

8. Death Was Arrested (Live)

9. Resurrecting (Live)

10. My Savior My God (Live)

11. Lead On (Live)

“You Redeem” was the first single off the album.

More information is at aaronshust.com.

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