Sing along with Treasure Toons to learn Scriptures

Parents, a new musical cartoon DVD can provide a fun way for your young children to learn Scripture.

“Treasure Toons: Animated Lyric Scripture Songs” is a new DVD by award-winning actress, singer and songwriter Cassie Byram and her family, with Oodles Entertainment. The DVD is for ages birth through 6 or 7.

During an interview at the International Christian Retail Show, Byram said she hopes to capture the hearts and minds of children at the lullaby stage “with the word of God, with the ways of God, with the love of God.”treasure toons

The DVD has 55 minutes of entertaining musical animation and sing-alongs, plus bonus materials. The fun songs come from her second album, titled “Wonderfully Made.” Six of those songs were turned into animated lyric videos.

Byram said she “dove into the project” because God was speaking to her about doing something with her musical gift. She realized she had not implemented God’s word into her children’s lives early enough, in a memorization way. She realized she did not know enough Scripture herself. That’s when she started to write her songs, tapping into her inner child. Her adult son Jonathan Byram, a composer, helped write the songs.

cassie byramThe “Treasure Toons” name is based on a quote from Martin Luther: “Next to the word of God the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.”

Her children are too old for “Treasure Toons,” but the videos were sampled by the production company’s extended families as well as Byram’s 23 nieces and nephews.

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— Jason Reynolds

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