Married duo perform to show God’s love (PODCAST)

Zak and Amy Huffman are an up-and-coming husband and wife  performing Christian worship music under the band name Love Displayed.
Forming the band came “organically,” Zak said. He was saved at age 14 and “supernaturally” learned how to play music, he said. He has lead worship ever since. Amy, on the other hand, sang in church around age 3 or 4 and she was classically trained.


Once they were together, they led worship at whatever church they attended and began singing outside church.

“The Lord really has blessed Amy with the ability to write music, really good music,”he said. “We started actually making it a point to record music and writing music and did our first album. It kind of naturally progressed to calling us a band.” Their band was called Zak and Amy. They never set out to be “big.”

Zak had never considered himself to be musically inclined. He tried playing the trumpet. He tried out for choir. He asked for and received a keyboard at Christmas around age 14-15. He played the

cheap keyboard around the house and impressed his relatives, after only two or three months.

So now, Amy writes the duo’s lyrics and Zak sings; he writes the music. Both play keyboard, and Amy does a little guitar work and plays flute. The keyboard is what they write all their music on.
Amy said her father and uncles were in a quartet when she was young. Her grandmother sang and played the piano. Music was forced on her; she did not know if she was called. When she was older she realized she wanted to do music and felt called.

The duo covered other people’s popular worship songs but decided they wanted to do their own music.
Zak said the songs have the right depth (not too heavy or light).
The couple chose “You’re The Only One” as the debut single. Zak said it is the “most fun song. I love it. It’s a real catchy song.” The gist is that people will sometimes misunderstand you but the Lord knows our heart.

Amy: “All Power” is one of the most powerful songs on the album. The verses talk about all power and all peace come from God. The bridge of the song is powerful: it talks about how nothing comes from our ability, it comes from God and nothing we can do can accomplish anything.

The couple also is involved extensively in ministry through their organization, Spirit of Adoption Ministries. Their work has involves partnering with other ministries and ministering in various areas of the globe, from Gypsies in Europe to sex slaves in Nepal. They decided to give all proceeds from the album to Spirit of Adoption.

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