Men’s discipleship expert Patrick Morley shares tips for pastors

A book by Patrick Morley aims to help pastors disciple the men in their churches.

Morley is the founder of the Man in the Mirror, a ministry that has helped 35,000 churches impact the lives of 12 million men around the world. His book of the same name was selected as one of the 100 most influential Christian books of the 20th century.Pastoring Men F.indd

Morley has also written “Pastoring Men: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why Men’s Discipleship Matters Now More Than Ever.” Moody Publishers is the publisher. It is an updated edition of the title that won the Christian Book Award: ECPA Medallion of Excellence. The new edition has case studies, field experiences and research from working with men.

Morley’s book talks about what works with men and how pastors can disciple every man in the church who is willing and how to build a sustainable ministry to increase the number of men in the church and encourage men to serve in ministry opportunities.

“Making disciples is God’s designated way to release the power of His gospel on every problem your men face,” Morley writes. “It’s the irrefutable biblical mission of your church.”

In his book, Morley talks about research he has conducted on why churches succeed or fail at men’s discipleship. The senior pastor is the key, he found. Highly effective churches have a senior pastor: with the vision to disciple every man in the church; with the determination to succeed; and who found a sustainable strategy to make disciples and disciple-makers.

Morley writes, “I love the church, but the church on the whole has not been able to muster an ongoing will or comprehensive strategy to disciple men. Pastoring men is not a top priority in any denomination based upon their actual allocations of financial and intellectual resources.”

“Pastoring Men” has practical tips for pastors to carry out Morley’s recommendations on creating a sustainable men’s discipleship movement and impact families, the church and the world.

–Jason Reynolds

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