Girls cross country film can inspire youths

Remember the Goal is a Christian movie with valuable life lessons for parents, coaches, athletes and teenagers.

The movie is set at a Christian girls high school. It focuses on the new coach of the cross country team. The coach brings in some new ideas that shake up the team members and their parents. While the coach is earning the girls’ trust and coping with the parents, the girls are dealing with life issues such as drugs and self-esteem.


The movie is by Dave Christiano. He and his brother Rich created the movies The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, Time Changer and A Matter of Faith, which was released in 2015.remember the goal

I recently had the chance to interview Quinn Alexis, a Tennessee college student and actress who played Anna, one of the lead runners on the team in Remember the Goal.

Quinn said that each of the girls on the team has her own storyline. Her character must deal with one friend who smokes marijuana and another friend who must deal with the fact that Anna always is a little better at everything they do, such as running. Another character in the film, Rebecca, has a controlling mother who takes her frustrations out on her.

Quinn said that she was cast for the movie after submitting both an audition tape and a running tape. She is not a runner, but a friend who does run helped her.

Dave told me one of his goals with Remember the Goal was to make the cross country running scenes look authentic. He is a former cross country runner.

Quinn said Remember the Goal is an inspiring film because it can touch so many people. She appreciates that there are a variety of storylines that so many people can relate to. The movie glorifies God at a time when so many movies do not.

Quinn said she began acting when she was 10, in a church play. She enjoyed the backstage camraderie of the people she did plays with, and a passion for acting began. “God just started opening doors.” Quinn did dual enrollment for college when she was close to graduating from homeschool. She attends a community college and teaches acting now.

–By Jason Reynolds

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