Unraveling the Shroud of Turin Mystery (PODCAST)

A shroud is a long linen cloth garment used in burials not only in ancient cultures but in today’s Middle East. The Shroud of Turin is a shroud that some believe is the burial cloth of Jesus.

One of those believers is Mark Antonacci.

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Mark is the founder and president of the Test the Shroud Foundation, one of the world’s leading authorities on the Shroud of Turin. shroud of turin

He gave the keynote address at the international conference held in Italy in conjunction with the Shroud’s exhibition in 2010.  As an attorney, he has spent 34 years studying all aspects of the evidence relating to the Shroud of Turin and released his first book on the topic, The Resurrection of the Shroud, in 2000.  The project received coverage from such high-profile outlets as the Chicago Sun Times, Dallas Morning News, Tulsa World News, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and the nationally syndicated radio program “Coast to Coast AM.” Antonacci practices law and lives with his wife outside of St. Louis.
An attorney can understand first-hand evidence and second-hand evidence. The question in this case is can it have been faked by an artist … as was its reputation for centuries. There were two schools of thought. One was that it is Jesus’ actual burial garment and the second, more popular school of thought was that it was a forgery, it was painted by an artist in medieval times.
The second scenario is simply impossible.”
A forger could not have duplicated all the features “naturally or by any artistic means.” Nor can all the features be duplicated today.
You realize modern technology can simply reveal the details … but they can’t duplicate. Most features not seen in medival. Took modern photo and ultraviolet lighting and computer imaging to make features visible.
exact shroud of Jesus?
The Shroud of Turin has two full-length images of the front and back of a victim who not only had all the wounds Jesus had during His Passion but also all the wounds of from the crucifixion, including post-mortem. The body was in rigor mortis in a crucified position, and appears to have been executed with Roman instruments and buried by Jewish customs.
Mark is recommending testing the shroud at the atomic and molecular levels. You could have indisputable proof that a miraculous event occurred after death and burial. The miracle would distinguish him from other victims. Millions of people have been buried in shrouds or other garments, but not similar to the image on the Shroud of Turin.
Antonacci is convinced that additional testing at the atomic and molecular levels could easily prove that the crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Christ were actual events in history.  Antonacci maintains that the marks on the cloth are those of a dead human body and were made with particle or neutron radiation that wasn’t discovered until the 20th century.  The radiation accounts for more than 30 unique and remarkable features on the body image that includes still-red blood stains and the pre-mortem and post-mortem wounds that were inflicted upon Jesus. Test The Shroud presents illustrations to help explain the proposed testing, while the writing style is easy to understand and can be enjoyed by everyone.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: testtheshroud.com

— Jason Reynolds


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