Creativity, leadership and God (Podcast)

Ken Wytsma lives in Bend, Oregon with his family and he is the lead pastor at Antioch Curch. Ken is the founder of the Justice Conference, an annual event that helps Christians live out God’s word through the promotion of social justice. He also is president of Kilns College.


Ken has released a new book titled Create vs. Copy.

Ken Wytsma, creative, leadership
Ken Wytsma

The book talks about the theology behind creativity. Ken shares practical ways to fan the flames of creativity and not simply copy the latest leadership trends. Readers of this book will learn to live creatively even when change feels unwelcome in their environment. He says everyone is born with God-given creativity that is waiting to be unleashed.

“From a leadership concept, if you copy, you’re never at the front end of leadership. If someone else has blazed the trail, and you’re following behind, you’re never really going to make the innovation or lead the change or whatever it might be.”

His website is

— Jason Reynolds

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