Actor Tank Jones on Civil War film, civil conduct (PODCAST)

Tank Jones stars as freed slave Jim Young in the faith-based Civil War film “Union Bound,” which hit theaters nationwide on April 22.


Based on the actual diaries of real-life soldier Joseph Hoover, “Union Bound” tells the story of Hoover’s journey back to the Union with the unlikely help of a freed slave (played by Jones) on the Underground Railroad.

Actor in Civil War movie
Christian actor Tank Jones

Directed by Harvey Lowry, “Union Bound” stars Oliver Stone’s son Sean Stone (JFK, Nixon, The Doors), Tank Jones (The Deadliest Gun, Breaking Bad), Randy Wayne (To Save a Life; The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning), Issac C. Singleton (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), Christian Fortune (New Years Eve) and Drew Seeley (High School Musical). Wynonna Judd’s husband Cactus Moser (Wynonna & the Big Noise; Highway 101) recorded the theme song and makes an appearance as a wounded soldier.

Tank says his unique moniker dates to his childhood when he liked to run into things — like the freezer! His uncle named him “Little Tank Head,” which was shortened to “Tank” as an adult. His given name is Larry.

Tank lives in Arizona with his family. It’s hard as an actor to find work there, but he believes it is more family-friendly than California.

Tank Jones
Civil War movie

He said he hopes “Union Bound” can unite pople. “My hope is that it does at least that, it sparks some conversation to get us to come back to the table to talk about it.” The First Amendment allows people to express “all different types of opinion, including hatred of others.”

Sometimes people get the “message of Christ all twisted or had a bad experience as kids or even as adults. Christ told you to love God, love others and love yourself.”

Tank is embarking on a tour following the movie’s release called “Union Bound: The Tour.” It is a live stage show portraying Civil War history and showing the diary on which the movie is based. Tank said he may even make an appearance as Jim Young. More information is at

More information on Tank is at More information on the movie is at

— Jason Reynolds

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