Jordan Feliz releases new album ‘The River’ (PODCAST)

CCM artist Jordan Feliz is the man behind the hit single “The River.”


In the podcast interview linked above, Jordan will talk about what the river references, as well as his literal journey of faith with his wife when they moved to Tennessee. Jordan also will talk about his new album, also titled “The River.”

Jordan Feliz

Jordan also will talk about his musical influences growing up, such as Earth Wind & Fire, which he calls the good music days.

The process of recording his first songs in Nashville meant “discovering who I was and being true to that,” Jordan said. “One of the goals for me in the label process and managment was I didn’t want to be like anyone else.” Trying to sound like another musician “cripples us.”

One of Jordan’s new songs is “Carry Your Troubles,” which serves as the intro on “The River” album. Jordan said he wrote the song a couple of months after moving to Nashville. It has a “cool” vibe. He wrote it before ever writing “The River” song. “They flowed into each other so well.” He said it was like the Lord said “Here you go,” it worked out for the album so well.

A previous story about Jordan Feliz is here.

— Jason Reynolds

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