Plumb (Honesty) on Marriage, Faith (PODCAST)

CCM artist Plumb  has sold more than 500,000 albums and over 2 million singles worldwide. She writes music for herself and for other artists.

She is an author as well. She tells the story of God’s redemption of her marriage in a book titled “Need You Now.”


Each record Plumb has recorded has a unique sound that connects to whatever she was facing at that point in her life.

Music has a way of freezing time. “It really captures the emotion.” Plumb says when she recorded Need You Now“Exhale” she was coming off a time when God performed a huge miracle in her life.

Plumb said she later realized her husband, Jeremy Lee, felt he could not communicate with her. “I didn’t make an environment where I could hear constructive criticism. At the same time, he did choose to keep quiet. Evil used that to disconnect him from me emotionally.” Plumb stayed busy with their children and Jeremy felt it was cruel to place his burdens on her. Jeremy is now an advocate for husbands to find a way to communicate their feelings. “I should have told a counselor or a friend,” Plumb said. “I should have asked them to pray for me.”

In the time leading up to her husband leaving her, Plumb says she was so unaware of the state of her marriage. Women can get trapped in doing things for other people and lose themselves after having a baby. Plumb had three babies in a short period. “We still had date nights and swore we would not be that couple.” But they were fooling themselves, she said. “I was selfish and unaware.” Her husband was selfish and uncommunicative. A couple days after Christmas he hit bottom and left.

Plumb said she was turning to God during that time but still trying to control Jeremy. She felt divorce was inevitable. She did not talk to Jeremy in a loving tone. She reached the point where she surrendered to God and felt forgiven. She was willing to change for God, not to change to get Jeremy back. Her husband came to notice a change in her during their interactions and that gave him hope.

Now that her marriage is restored, Plumb credits God and her giving Him permission. “He doesn’t need permission but He wants us to want Him to do what He wants to do. We get in the way. I have now experienced what getting out of His way is like; it’s terrific.”

— Jason Reynolds

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