Get Courageous With Ann White (PODCAST)

Everyone has to face hardships in their lives, be it in family, work, ministry or relationally. But how do we find the courage that we need to live full lives? What are the steps we can take to make lasting change? Author and TV host Ann White understood that she would have to make the courageous choice to address dysfunctional and challenging issues plaguing her life and marriage. ann white


In her new book that releases tomorrow, 7 STEPS TO COURAGE, Ann shares the story of how she made the courageous choice to face her inner struggles, make fearless choices and move from frozen to freedom. Her 7 proven action steps allow readers to do the same.

In a high-profile marriage with a beautiful family and vibrant ministry, Ann appeared to have a perfect life. What no one knew was that Ann’s personal life was slowly being destroyed. At her breaking point, Ann realized that if she wanted change, if she wanted to live the life God had planned for her, she had to make one courageous choice. She had to step out in faith and embrace courage.

Ann is the founder of In Grace Ministries and host of Christian talk show Atlanta Live. She is also an author, speaker, teacher, and short-term missionary. Her passion for ministry, her family and her quest to inspire others drives her every moment.

Ann founded In Grace Ministries out of a calling on her life to share with others how God and His Word brought restoring truth to her life.

Along with being a wife, mom, and grandmother, Ann is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

— Jason Reynolds

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