Have ‘Ridiculous Faith’ every day

A new book asks you to consider what your life would be like if you could harness the extreme faith you experience during crises during the mundane moments of your life.

ridiculous faithThe book is “Ridiculous Faith: Experience the Power of an Absurdly, Unbelievably Good God.” The author is Shelene Bryan, author of “Love, Skip, Jump.” Nelson Books is the publisher. The release date is next Tuesday.

The foreword is by Candace Cameron Bure.

Bryan says in her book that people enjoy movies like “Miracle on 34th Street” that talk about the power of belief. Humans are hardwired for real faith, she says. “Miracle on 34th Street” illustrates a childlike faith.

“Sadly, too many times the distinction between my belief in something and my faith in God were indistinguishable. I believed my car would start when I turned the key. I believed in liberty and justice. My faith in God was treated the same way I believed in anything else; uninspired tolerance that something was true.

“God calls us to something totally different. God calls us to divinely breathed supernatural faith that can move a mountain. God calls us to what I like to call ‘ridiculous faith.’”

She continues that train of thought, saying, “I want to live a faith that is supernatural from start to finish. I want to have divinely breathed faith that breaks the constraints of human belief. Faith that is absurdly, unbelievably good. Ridiculous Faith.”

Shelene BryanBryan says we have to get to know God as He really is, much as Moses did on the top of Mount Sinai. We need to seek the face of Jesus by serving the needy, as He commanded. We must learn to trust God and His promises. And there are more examples of how to reach this level of faith.

Bryan recounts a number of people’s real life experiences with emergencies and tragedies, including her own. Nearly 20 years ago, she was a customer in a bank that was robbed in Los Angeles. She was there to deposit a payroll. The gunman, of course, took her payroll along with some of the bank’s cash.

Bryan shares in her book that she was not really seeking God at that time in her life. Like many people in such a situation, she turned to prayer to ask God to save her.

In the years since that emergency, Bryan says, she has felt nagging questions about her reaction. “Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you could capture the rush of faith that appears in those desperate moments? What if you could live your entire life with the clarity of split-second faith that crying out to God brings? What if you could seize the force of that faith moment, freeze it in time, and apply it to your everyday life?”

While writing her book, Bryan revisited the bank where the robbery occurred. Writing the book helped her to realize that she had lived much of her life in fear. She had never returned to the bank during the past 20 years. She returned, with a payroll, at the same time of day as her last visit. Everything went well.

“Fear had finally been replaced with faith.”

Bryan has a charity at skip1.org that provides food and clean water to children in America and around the world.

— Jason Reynolds

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