Tiffany Lemmon sings to glorify the Lord

tiffany lemmon 1By JASON REYNOLDS

Followers of the Cross (Reprinted from my story in the Times-Gazette)

Humble and yet super-talented. God-fearing and faithful. Personable and family-oriented. All these words describe up-and-coming hometown gospel singer Tiffany Lemmon.

Tiffany is a Shelbyville, Tenn., native. She tours the nation much of the year with husband Shannon, who preaches and presents the Lemmon family’s Bible ministry message; she sings worship songs as part of the ministry.

Shannon’s family is involved in running the Bible & Literature Missionary Foundation (BLMF) Bible Barn on U.S. 231 South. Tiffany also works at the Bible Barn, where they print Bibles and tracts for worldwide missionary use.

Tiffany stopped by the Times-Gazette last Friday to talk about her growing music ministry, which includes the recent release of her debut album, “Sincerely Yours.”

‘Many doors’ open

“The Lord this past year has opened many doors for me,” Tiffany said, attributing her singing gift to God’s grace.

She sang this past fall at fundraisers for Good Shepherd Children’s Home and Homes of Hope as well as the Coffee County Fair. Tiffany also has been making appearances at churches.

“Sincerely Yours” is available at four locations in Shelbyville: Lowery Jewelers, New Covenant Christian Bookstore, J. Jordan Boutique and the BLMF Bible Barn.

“It’s encouraging that people here are getting behind my music,” she said. “It’s been a blessing.”

Tiffany said the album is meant to worship the Lord and help people get closer to Him. Her favorite song is “Jesus,” as it has special meaning for her family. She had always sang the song to herself, but when her daughter Serenity was born, it was the first song she sang to the newborn.

“We had prayed for a child for many years,” Tiffany said. “And it’s a very worshipful song. It’s powerful and easy to listen to,” just as all the songs are on “Sincerely Yours.”

On the road

When asked what 2016 will bring, Tiffany said she will likely be touring and will be open to new opportunities, “whatever the Lord opens the door for.”

Tiffany said her favorite places include Cannon Beach, Oregon, which is a “small, quaint town,” and Cape Cod, a quaint community with water.

Ready for holidays

For now, the family is all at home. In addition to Serenity, who is 4, the couple has a son, Micah, who is 1. “They are a blessing,” Tiffany said. “They inspire me a lot.”

Home time means working at the BLMF Bible Barn, getting ready for Christmas (and making Christmas cookies) — and watching Hallmark holiday movies.

“I have watched a few,” she said while laughing.


 She is the daughter of Jeff and Gwen Davis, whom she credits for encouraging her to grow as a musician.

“I would encourage other people, if they have an interest in music at all, to pursue it and grow in it,” she said. “Music is so powerful. The music you listen to is going to affect everything you do.”

For more information on Tiffany Lemmon’s singing, look for her Facebook page under her name.

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